About us

i-bitz company limited, the geomatics company which has highly experienced in geoinformatic technology and geographic information system. We have professional staff to provide inventive and innovative solutions to solve your immediate problems related to geoinformatic technology. Nearly 10 years in business, we have a lot of successful stories with the government sector in web and mobile GIS technology such as Thailand Budget Monitoring at Bureau of the Budget, Statistical GIS of National Statistical Office. Furthermore, in physical model presentation, we are only one authorized dealer in Thailand to distribute STM Model (Solid Terrain Model) since 2007. This STM model can illustrate the real world and real geographic texture on your table.

We are pleased to discuss with you and design the project to meet the need of an individual work or the need of your organization. To work with us, you will not only have the best solution for your project with best affordable pricing, but also have the great expert consultancy service from our expertise for geoinformatic technology.